While I was busy on my nearly daily exploration of Buzzfeed.com, I came across a video called “12 Reasons It’s Really Hard to Act Ladylike.” So, of course I clicked on it immediately. I have been known to not be very “ladylike” in many situations so I knew I would let out a few giggles as I watched the video. After the video ended though I began to think, “Why is it that in 2014 it is still expected of a woman to act ‘ladylike’ at all times?” I hardly ever pull a dress out of my closet and the first time I wore heels was in my brother’s wedding when I was 14, and you best believe I was holding on for dear life to the groomsman I was walking with. If I was going down, he was coming with me. Luckily, I was able to avoid that embarrassing situation. Later that night of course I went around and snuck sips of beer from my brothers and mom, any drink I could get I chugged it down. I cuss every chance I get because to be honest, it makes me happy. There are days I don’t shower and throw my hair up in a ponytail, deal with it. My purse is only used when I feel like it needs to be and I don’t use it to look cute, it is actually filled with a wide assortment of random objects because I have no idea what you’re even supposed to even carry around in it. I know I am not the only girl who faces these “unladylike” situations every day, and I think it is sad that when we are not dressed to the nines we are seen as less of a woman. Even if I’m in sweatpants and have no makeup on I am still a woman, and I want to be treated like one. The same goes for the issue of men, if a man does not act “manly” it is seen as a huge negative and there is no excuse for it. If a man does not play football and instead is interested in being involved in the theater program at his high school, he might be teased and some might even go as far as to call him homosexual. It is sad that we still live in a world where we must meet this social norms or face ridicule from others who “fit in.”  Like I said, it’s 2014, let’s look past this old idea of every woman must act perfect and “ladylike” at all times and accept the fact that woman are woman, no matter how they act.