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Telling Stories to Change the World

IMG_5791 IMG_5792Students in Introduction to Women’s Studies are reading about the power of narrative to create social change.  We will soon begin digital storytelling service learning projects with local organizations.  “…the power that stories have to generate hope and engagement, personal dignity and active citizenship, the pride of identity, and the humility of human connectedness” (pg 1).


What would our world be like if “normal” were defined differently?  What would it be like if the things we valued the most weren’t things, but relationships and experiences?

I created this video at a Digital Storytelling Workshop for K-12 Educators at the Center for Digital Storytelling, Berkeley, California, June 2013, through a grant from the Olson Fund for Global Service Learning.

This semester students in FYS 15:  Diversity in the U.S. will create digital stories collaboratively with 4th graders at Walnut Street International Baccalaureate Elementary School.  Stay tuned for our project updates.

Students in my Introduction to Women’s Studies course will make digital stories in conjunction with their service learning projects at various local organizations.

First Year Seminar 15: Diversity in the U.S. syllabus

2013 FYS syl

Students in Drake University First Year Seminar:  Diversity in the U.S.  are engaging in a service learning project with 4th grade students at Walnut Street International Baccalaureate Elementary School in Des Moines, Iowa.  They are collaboratively conducting research and making digital videos.  The videos will be screened in Sussman Theatre in Olmstead Student Union on Drake Univesity’s campus on December 4th, 2013.  For more information contact

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